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Bringing Game Back To The Dinner Table

When people think of game these days, they might be more prone to think of ostrich or kangaroo due to recent popularity for these more unusual varieties of meat.

But what about Lincolnshire’s traditional game meats? We should be celebrating these time-honoured favourites and bringing them back to our dinner tables.


Traditionally, this was a popular choice for Sunday roasts in Lincolnshire. Pheasants can grow to a very large size and thus will easily feed a family of four for dinner. The meat is dark and rich and will give extra flavour to your gravy and fat-roasted potatoes.

Serve with: Roast potatoes, peas and roast parsnips


Rabbit is a lean, flavoursome meat that is available all year round in abundance. Perfect for casseroles and stews, rabbit goes well with carrots, celery and red wine and is the ideal dish for a slow cooker. If you’re planning a visit to Lincoln over the next few weeks, get yourself over to Brown’s Pie Shop for a delicious rabbit pie!

Serve with: Fresh asparagus and wild rice


Lower in fat that some other red meats, venison is not only a healthier option but it also has a lot of natural flavour. Venison steaks are best cooks over a hot flame, such as a barbecue or grill, and be careful not to overcook them. A couple of minutes each side should do and you should leave the meat to rest before eating

Serve with: Thick cut chips and a red currant sauce

Wild Boar

A tasty twist on an old favourite, wild boar gives an extra kick to your sausages with a more mature taste than regular pork. The great thing about these sausages is that they are just as versatile as traditional Lincolnshire sausages – pop them on the barbecue, in a roll or on a pile of mashed potato.

Serve with: A fresh bread roll and red onion chutney


A fairly new addition to our game checklist, squirrel has only recently become part of the game recipe book. Available all year round, squirrel is a tasty and tender meat that cooks quickly and goes well with autumn vegetables such as butternut squash and pumpkin.

Serve with: Roasted seasonal veg and a splash of lemon juice or olive oil

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