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Top 10 Things To Do In Lincoln Cathedral

Being such a large, beautiful and prominent building, it’s difficult to select a ‘top 10’ things to see and do in Lincoln Cathedral. However, we’ve managed to pick out just a few of the highlights:


Take one of the excellent guided tours which are included in the admission charge. You can choose between Floor, Roof and Tower Tours. For more information, please click here.


Stand at the Crossing (in front of St Hugh’s Choir) and look to your left and right. You will see two magnificent Rose Stained Glass Windows – to your left is the Dean’s Eye, guarding against the powers of darkness. To your right is the Bishop’s Eye, welcoming the light of salvation.


Visit The Services Chapels. There is a chapel for each of the three armed forces, all beautifully decorated and very poignant. The chapels contain the Role of Honour of all servicemen and women who have died for this country since 1914.


Spend time in the magnificent St Hugh’s Choir, often described as a ‘church within a church’ and admire the exquisite carpentry in the choir stalls.


Search for the Lincoln Imp, hiding high above the Angel Choir.


Visit the tomb of St Hugh, the founder of Lincoln Cathedral.


See where The Da Vinci Code was filmed in the Chapter House.


Explore Lincoln Cathedral’s two beautiful libraries – the Medieval ‘chained’ Library and the elegant Sir Christopher Wren Library.


Listen to the fabulous Lincoln Cathedral Choir during Evensong – a most memorable experience.


Stroll around the outside of the cathedral, taking in the beautiful Gothic architecture. Then, treat yourself to a delicious cake and welcoming hot drink at the quaint Cloister Refectory. If the weather is warm enough, go outside into the Cloisters to enjoy your treat – the view is spectacular! Also ensure you visit the beautiful, recently opened Dean’s Green, which is now open to the public for the first time in over 40 years!

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