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Lincolnshire Murder Mystery Evenings

There’s murder afoot in Lincolnshire!

Murder mystery evenings have become very popular with people looking to experience the thrill of a murder investigation, without worrying about getting banged up!

Their origins date back to the 1800s when a notorious child murder case caught the imaginations of the press and the public. The first ‘murder mystery’ game was released in 1935 and over the next 20 years, the games increased in complexity.

During the 1950s a new type of murder game evolved where groups of people would adopt characters and play out the investigation as if it were real. Hotels and venues capitalised on this new entertainment and began hosting special Murder Mystery evenings for paying guests.

Nowadays, this style of murder game has become one of the most popular and our own Lincolnshire has a variety of venues throughout the county that offer murder mystery events.

Stoke Rochford Hall

Stoke Rochford Hall is a Grade 1 listed Victorian mansion located just outside of Grantham. The impressive building and landscaped grounds provide the perfect backdrop for a night of mystery and scandal.

The murder mystery evening planned for October 2015 will take you back to 1940 where espionage and intrigue were the norm and the threat of war loomed over all.

Oaklands Hall Hotel

Step into the world of the supernatural with a murder mystery hosted at Oaklands Hall Hotel.

Investigate spooky goings on while enjoying an evening of entertainment or an overnight stay – the hotel event offers both!

For more information, visit the hotel’s events page.

Vale House Belvoir

Enjoy a whole weekend of murder, mystery and excitement at Vale House Belvoir. Perfect for groups of friends or family, this weekend event will allocate each member with their own character description, ideas for costumes and special mailed invitations.

For more information, visit the website.

The Wyndham Garden Hotel

With this Murder Mystery package, you get an overnight stay along with your evening of macabre entertainment. And if all the horror gets a bit much, you also get use of the hotel health club facilities as well!

You can find all the information here.

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