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Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway runs on a route which used to be part of the Great Northern passageway from Boston to Grimsby. The railway became part of the London Northern Eastern Railway in 1923. It is located near the Lincolnshire countryside between the Wolds and the seashore. This is a brief distance from Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Louth. A preservation society was organized in 1980 right after the last section was shut down on the same year.

At present, heritage steam trains operate from Ludborough to North Thoresby. Construction is in progress to expand the track going south to Louth. Lincolnshire Wolds Railway is the only traditional steam railway which has been opened to the public. The station building extension houses a dedicated museum that contains the matchless anthology of local railway souvenirs that dates back to more than one century. There is an assortment of railway lanterns, advertising signage, name boards, train tickets, uniform buttons, and cast iron announcements. The museum has relics, newspapers and photographs. Museum admission is free for all guests.

Wolds Destinations

The windmill tower was constructed by John Saunderson of Louth in 1878. This mill has four French millstones to grind flour and Derbyshire peak stones to grind rough materials like feeds for animals. The local museum was erected in 1910 with some galleries. Lincolnshire Wolds parish church has the highest steeple which was measured at 295 feet compared to any other medieval church in England.

You will also find out the life of trawler fishermen in the fifties. You can navigate around the fishing heritage centre in Grimsby while relishing the site, sounds and smell of interactive presentation. Grimsby Street is also filled with conventional retail shops, pubs as well as fish and chips shops.

Preservation Efforts

Efforts are being undertaken to preserve the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway. These initiatives started in 1984. The place was not in good condition because it has been leveled by the British Rail company. Buildings were torn down along with the platform frames and railings. The removal of these structures resulted in the flooding of the area. A Light Railway Order was secured in 1991 for the renovation of the railway. The preservation was aimed at beautifying the place, boosting the business and enhancing tourism growth. The new carriage shed at the Ludborough Station is almost finished. It will open as soon as the track has been laid through the edifice. It measures 120 feet long, 25 feet high and 23 feet wide.

Places to Stay

Once everything has been restored, tourists are expected to come in droves so the hospitality business will definitely flourish. Some of the recommended hotels and cottages near Lincolnshire Wolds Railway are the following:

  • Brackenborough Hotel
  • Hayloft Cottage
  • Dovecote Cottage
  • Hall Farm Hotel and Restaurant
  • Beaumont Hotel
  • Number Nine Cottage
  • Marris Cottage
  • The Barn
  • Thorpe Park Holiday Park

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