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Plan a Spa Weekend in Lincolnshire

For some of us, the ideal of relaxing with a spa weekend in Lincolnshire is a dream come true. Being pampered all day long, enjoying relaxing treatments, taking a dip in the Jacuzzi, and rounded off with afternoon tea and a glass of fizz – it’s heaven!

For those visiting our beautiful county, there are so many great spa hotels in Lincolnshire available that are perfect for a weekend retreat, whether you like to travel solo, with a friend, or as a group.

However, planning a spa weekend away can turn into a nightmare, especially if it’s your first time. Thankfully, we’re here to help guide you along, and show you how to best plan your spa weekend in Lincolnshire.

Guest List

Before you start to plan your spa getaway, you need to know numbers. This will influence your travel plans, where you stay, and how much you spend.

Larger parties can often get discounts when they book together, and there are usually 2 for 1 deals available that are perfect for couples, so it’s definitely worth knowing who is coming before you start looking.

Type of Weekend

Once you have your guest list sorted, you need to decide what kind of weekend you all want. You’d be surprised at how many different types of spa weekends there are out there!

For example, you could have;

  • A spa weekend for 2 nights with treatments
  • Spa break for one night without treatments
  • A spa weekend for two nights with treatments and dinner included
  • Spa weekend for three nights with all food, multiple treatments and full use of additional facilities such as tennis courts and gold courses.

Obviously, depending on what type of spa weekend in Lincolnshire you want will affect the price, so get together with your party and make your decision based on everyone’s budget.

Remember, it won’t be a fun time for anyone if you plan a really expensive weekend but only 2 of your party of 8 can afford it.

So, that brings us onto our next point;


Just because you don’t have tons of cash to spend, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy a full spa weekend with all the perks – it just means you have to shop a bit smarter.

Shop around for deals and special offers once you know what type of weekend you want and see what’s available.

Websites such as spabreaks.com and lastminute.com often have great discounts and special packages for budget spa-goers.

You can also find ways of paying in installments if you do want to spend a bit more, so you can spread the cost out a bit.

Additionally, swapping out some luxuries and providing things like fizz and food yourselves can be a big money saver. Just check with the spa hotel that you are allowed to do this first.


Once you have your group, budget and location sorted, you need to plan how you’re going to get there!

Again, this is somewhere you can save money and leave more cash for your spa treatments! Booking your train in advance can save you up to a third on the price. And look at any railcards you can get that might decrease the price even further.

Just check that your public transport of choice can get you to the hotel and back again. You might need to book taxis or get a bus to drop you off at the hotel from the train station, so bear this in mind.

If you prefer to drive, try and car-share rather than taking individual cars. Not only is this better for the environment, but you can pool your funds together for petrol and save a lot of money.

Packing List

So, what essentials will you need for your luxurious spa weekend in Lincolnshire?

Most spa hotels will give you robes and slippers to wear in the spa, but don’t assume. Always check with the hotel before you arrive to make sure you don’t need to bring your own.

Aside from that, there’s a few other things you may not realise you need until you arrive. These include;

  • Clean lounge clothes – once you’ve had your treatments and enjoyed the spa, you won’t want to put your clothes from the morning’s travelling back on. 
  • Evening wear – if you have dinner included as part of your package, then you’re going to want something fancy to wear in the evening
  • Non-slip shoes – although you’ll likely wear slippers in the spa, you’ll have to wear your own to get in. Wear something sensible that won’t slip if you happen to hit a wet patch
  • Hair clips – for most treatments, you’ll want your hair off you face and back for optimum relaxation. Don’t forget to bring a bobble or hair clips with you
  • Make up remover – you may want to arrive at the hotel looking your best, but mascara and saunas don’t mix! Remember to bring some make up remover so you don’t end up with panda eyes
  • Swimwear – you’d be surprised at how many people forget this one. You might not need it for your treatment, but you’ll definitely have to wear a swimsuit for the Jaccuzi, sauna or steam room

Once you have your luggage packed and ready, all you have to do then is relax!

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