Radio Lincolnshire – Find Your Local Station

Lincolnshire is one of the largest counties in the UK and in order to provide a varied and comprehensive coverage of news, features and music, we have a large number of local radio stations available.

Beverley FM

A community radio station serving Beverley and the surrounding villages

107.8 FM

Compass FM

Independent local radio station for Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham

96.4 FM

County Linx Radio

Set up by a local community group serving Boston and the East Lindsey District

Online only

Endeavour Radio

A community radio station broadcasting from Boston

Online only

Gravity FM

Grantham radio station run almost entirely by volunteers

97.2 FM

Lincs FM

UK independent radio station covering the area between The Humber and The Wash

102.2, 96.7 & 97.6 FM

Lincoln City Radio

Broadcasting in Lincoln City since 2010 and run by volunteers

103.6 FM

Rutland Radio

Covers two main areas: Oakham to Rutland on 107.2FM and Stamford on 97.4FM

107.2 & 97.4 FM


Seaside Radio

Initially online only, it now broadcasts to the Withernsea and South Holdness areas

105.3 FM

Siren FM

Was launched in 2007 and was Lincoln’s first community radio station

107.3 FM

Tulip Radio

Covers the Spalding area and was named after the town’s association with tulips

107.5 FM

Viking FM

Operated by Bauer Media, it covers the Kingston-upon-Hull area

96.9 FM


When it comes to finding out what hot and what’s not in Lincolnshire, your local radio is there to help. Bu of course, has got all this and more as well!