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Where to buy the Best Lincolnshire Sausages

Perfect for BBQs, bangers and mash, toad-in-the-hole and many more delicious recipes, Lincolnshire sausages are the county’s favourite!

Made from minced pork, coarsely ground for that distinctive chunky texture, sage and seasonings; Lincolnshire sausages are popular with foodies across the nation.

Although the ingredients are mostly kept the same wherever you find Lincolnshire sausages, there is no standard size. So you can have huge ones for your BBQ, or grab some Lincolnshire chipolatas for a fancy dinner party!

You can find Lincolnshire sausages in most supermarkets these days, but true fans will tell you that to get a truly authentic Lincolnshire sausage experience, you need to go straight to the source!

So, where are the best places to find these tasty sausages here in Lincolnshire?

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