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The Best Lincolnshire Food

Do you want to learn all about the best Lincolnshire food? From sausages to cheese, there are a range of foods our county is renowned for.

Did you know that Lincolnshire grows more wheat, cereals, pumpkins and potatoes than anywhere else in the UK?

For all you meat lovers out there, Lincolnshire is also is the UK’s largest poultry producer and fifth largest pig producer. If beef is your thing, then Lincolnshire has its very own breed of cattle – the Lincoln Red. It is thought that these magnificent (and very tasty) creatures were brought to Lincolnshire by the Vikings.

Of course, Lincolnshire gives its name to three world-famous foods:

We suggest having some Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese with a slice or two of Lincolnshire Plum Loaf – delicious!

Needless to say, if you’re going to sample all these lovely Lincolnshire delicacies, then you’ll be wanting something to drink…

Lincolnshire has lots of independent breweries, the most famous of which is Bateman’s in Wainfleet, near Sleaford, who brew both regular and seasonal ales.

For other lip-smackingly good beers, how about trying out real ales from smaller micro- breweries such as:  Tom Wood’s Brewery of  Barnetby; Poacher’s Brewery of North Hykeham; Oldershaw Brewery of Grantham; 8 Sail Brewery at Heckington Windmill; or Grafters Real Ales from Willingham by Stow?

With such a wealth of locally-brewed nectar, Lincolnshire abounds with beer festivals, the largest of which is the Lincoln Beer Festival in May.


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