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Investigating The Paranormal In Lincolnshire

Ask someone what they know about paranormal investigations, or ‘ghost hunting’ as it is sometimes known, and they’ll probably tell you all about Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding.

Shaky camera work and the occasional eerie noise in the night sums up most of these TV shows, which are aimed at glamorising the investigations for the sake of gaining a wider audience.

However, the truth is far more interesting.

I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal but have often found myself split down the middle when it comes to which side I fall into – do I believe in ghosts or not?

The short answer is yes, but my belief comes with a healthy dose of scepticism. Grainy photos of empty staircases and the odd bump in the night is not going to convince me, but I like to think that there is ‘something’ out there, ready to be discovered.

And so, with my analytical hat on and my mind opened as far as possible, I joined my first ever paranormal investigation with Paranormal Lincs.

My First Investigation

Walking into my first investigation I have to admit I was expecting maybe three or four people, a camera or two and maybe someone with a handful of crystals and a headscarf.

In reality I felt like I had walked straight into NASA’s secret headquarters. There were around 15 people throughout the building, setting up lasers, cameras, sound equipment and EMF devices, communicating via walkie-talkie and stringing power cables up like garlands.

Paul, who heads up Paranormal Lincs, seemed to have more gadgets and technology on him alone than a space station engineer.

This is not what I expected. The military precision as they set up ready for a night of investigations certainly bolstered my confidence that this was not a group looking to put on a show for the guests and nothing more. These were the real deal!

The night starts out by dividing into teams. This allows more space to be covered within the building (it is huge!) and also gives the mediums a bit more breathing room. If you’re picking up several spirits as well as all the living people in the room, it can get crowded.

The night reveals an unusual mix of science and spiritualism. Séances are held, mediums communicate with the other side and the Ouija board is brought out at one point. However, this is paired with high-tech equipment and objective analysis.

The fact is, Paranormal Lincs conducts these investigations because every single member holds the same goal – exploring the paranormal. They are doing it for the sheer enjoyment of it all, not just to make a name for themselves. And Lincolnshire has a seemingly infinite list of spooky locations to explore as the group’s calendar fills up fast!

The People Behind Paranormal Lincs

There are mediums within the group, people who are particularly tuned in to the spiritual realm, but these are not flash-in-the-pan dramatists looking for their 15 minutes. They have spent years honing their skills and practicing the craft in order to better focus their energies on the world we rarely allow ourselves to see.

One of them told me during my visit that no one is born with these abilities but instead, like most skills, they only come about with hard work and practice.

The group comes from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, interests and ages making up the team. There are seasoned mediums, those just beginning to hone their skills and those interested in the science as well as the spirituality, like myself.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, you can only marvel at the dedication this team gives to each and every investigation.

And it’s not just commercial properties and old buildings that Paranormal Lincs lends its services to. They will also help those in need of help in their own homes.

Paul and his fellow investigator, Michelle, have been running Paranormal Lincs for 13 years and never charge for their work, holding all of their clients’ information in the strictest confidence. This is about helping others and investigating the otherworldly, not making a quick buck with a fancy light show and hidden sound effects.

Paul adds, “I must stress that Paranormal Lincs would not be here today without the great and loyal support from all of the team. I have great and total respect for all them and what they do for the paranormal investigations community as a whole.”

More Than Smoke And Mirrors

Forget what you think you know about paranormal investigations. This is the real McCoy and I felt honoured to have been a part of it.

This is ghost hunting for the real hunters and if you’re expecting ‘Most Haunted’ screams and night vision close-ups, you better look elsewhere.

Paranormal Lincs is showing us how it should be done as they take on Lincolnshire’s ghostly inhabitants’, one apparition at a time.

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