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Lincolnshire Wolds

The Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty body (AONB) was created through the incorporation of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act of 1949. The Lincolnshire Wolds were granted this status in 1973.

This legislation is meant to promote the natural beauty of designated zones, as well as opportunities in tourism development. Said areas can be likened to national parks, with emphasis on natural attractions such as forests, grasslands, rivers, swamps, estuaries and shorelines.

The Wolds is believed to have been populated since the primeval period. The landscape was influenced considerably by ancient and contemporary agricultural practices. The Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service works closely with local landlords, farmers, business organisations, parish councils and Wolds residents to improve and protect the terrain.

Places to Visit in the Lincolnshire Wolds

Some of the attractions that tourists love include the following:

Alford Five Sailed Windmill & Tea Room

Located at the border of this historical market town, this is a windmill which still functions today.

The mill churns out flour obtained from organic grain, while the ground shop sells an assortment of unprocessed food products. Tourists can explore the refinery and observe the flour milling procedure, or stop by the tea room for some refreshments and light snacks.

The Old Engine House was converted into a showroom for Victorian and Edwardian antique pieces.

Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

If you’re interested in locomotive history, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a visit to the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

The railway has been carefully restored by a preservation society since the line’s closure in 1984. Visit on one of their running days and enjoy a scenic ride on a steam train through the low hills and green countryside.

Alford Manor House

Constructed in 1611, this manor house is said to be the biggest in England.

It is an extraordinary mansion made of amalgamated structure and showcases a wooden framework with mud and stud panels. The ground-level rooms highlight designs from the Georgian and Victorian times, while the upper floors have remained in tact since the 17th century.

Alford Pottery

Their collection of earthenware and ceramic objects are appropriate for microwaves and dish washers. The ceramics are designed by expert potters Michel and Heather Ducos.


For those of you who want to experience a holiday outside in nature, but still prefer the creature comforts of home, glamping is the perfect solution for you!

There are a number of sites across the Lincolnshire Wolds offering glamping accommodation; from shepherd huts to stylish yurts, you can find the right combination of the great outdoors and home comforts.

Plan your trip around the Wolds with one of these handy maps or guides:

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