Browns Restaurant and Pie Shop

There is something comforting about a home-cooked pie with all the trimmings, which is why Browns Pie Shop is one of the more popular choices for dinner in Lincoln. Situated on Steep Hill, this establishment has been a part of the Lincoln landscape for decades and now serves up a fantastic selection of dishes to hungry patrons.

Inside you will find an intimate, cosy setting, with tables set up for both family meals and romantic dining. You’ll find daily specials up on the chalkboards dotted around and the place has a wonderfully relaxed and informal feel to it.

The style of Browns Pie Shop food is hale and hearty, with ample portions and robust flavours. There is a wide selection on the menu, from traditional, local favourites to dishes from across the country. And it’s not just pies on the menu – Browns also serves up a choice of vegetarian, seafood and game dishes as well. The shop also sells pies and savouries that you can take home with you.

Additionally, Browns has a more unusual reputation surrounding it as one of Lincoln’s most haunted establishments, with both staff and customers reporting ghostly goings-on and spooky occurrences. So, if you fancy a bit of excitement and mystery with your dinner, Brown’s may be the place for you.


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