The Bubblecar Museum

The Bubblecar Museum in Boston is a fun and quirky place that is home to over 50 microcars and scooters. Microcars – more commonly know as Bubblecars – reached the height of their popularity in the 1960s and a 60s theme is present throughout the museum.

There are some great 1960s room mock-ups – a trip down memory lane for some and a glimpse into an unknown era for others! Many of the Bubblecars are the centrepiece of their own little tableau, which is a very clever way of bringing them to life.

An informative guide book explains the history of each vehicle and is an invaluable help as you look round the exhibits.

Check out the cafe at the Bubblecar Museum – it’s famous for its delicious homemade cakes!

You can even have a drive in your own Bubblecar (subject to the owner’s discretion and weather conditions).



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