Bylton Ponds

Blyton Ponds offers adult only holidays and they boast of some incredible accommodation, four well stocked lakes and a breakfast service café. Whether you want to have a solitary holiday, a couples retreat or get a group of friends together, Blyton Ponds is a great choice.


There are a range of accommodation options to choose from, such as:

  • Luxury Lodges
  • Luxury Bungalow with Hot Tub
  • Premier Plus Caravans
  • Premier Caravans
  • Standard Caravans
  • Log Cabin

All come with everything you need for a great self-catering holiday, such as a fully fitted kitchen, living are and bedrooms.


Multiple ponds, which are:

  • Pond A and B: are interlinked ponds with 15 and 12 pegs, have a selection of tench, bream, barbel, chub, perch and orfe. They are open to residents and day tickets.
  • Pond C: is a 16-peg pond nearest to the accommodation. It produces carp, orfe, barbel, chub, goldfish, shubunkin, koi and even a few hybrids. However, it is only open to residents.
  • Lastly, Pond D: is a canal pond, well stocked with barbel, carp, roach, chub and bream and is open to residents, and only day tickets on the weekend.
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