Lincolnshire Libraries

Located in the East of England, Lincolnshire is a good place to study and thousands of students from around England and other countries flock to Lincolnshire to study for college. The county offers a lot of possibilities for both locals and visitors. Older people would even choose to stay in Lincolnshire when retiring.

Residents of Lincolnshire are given access to a lot of services that help make their life easier. The Lincolnshire County Council ensures that residents and visitors are taken care of.

Just like with other counties, Lincolnshire has libraries spread across the county. Lincolnshire Libraries are there to help students and non-students in researching or getting information for whatever they may be looking for. Anyone can just go and visit the library to read, browse through their catalogue, read newspapers or use computers. Students can do their homework here while others can just stay here for some peace and quiet amongst books.

Lincolnshire Library Services

Lincolnshire Libraries are open to the public for free. The Lincoln library network has over a million books, paper books and ebooks alike. Libraries also offer other services such as photocopy and fax facilities and free Internet. Some Lincolnshire Libraries even allow the public to borrow DVDs and audio or music CDs. However, these services come with a minimal fee.

As part of community services, residents or locals can rent a space in the library for meetings, exhibitions, even fitness training and any other event that you may have.

Library Membership

Your local library will provide you with a free library membership card and Personal Identification Number or PIN. There is no need to show additional identification cards. A proof of identity with name, address and signature is needed only when you borrow CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.

With your membership card and PIN, you can join the online library wherein you can easily reserve as well as renew items online. Your membership to a Lincolnshire Library will also give you access to the other libraries in Northern Ireland, England and Wales. However, conditions may apply.

If you are a resident from a different county, Lincolnshire will provide you with a Lincolnshire Library card to gain full access to any of the Lincolnshire libraries.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library is part of the Local Authority’s service to the community in the rural area. These areas do not usually have easy access to, nor are they anywhere near, a Lincolnshire Library. The mobile library carries a wide range of reading materials tailored to the needs of the users.

Lincolnshire Libraries Contact Information

There are more than 20 Lincolnshire Libraries across the county. You may call the Lincolnshire County Council to find out the nearest library in your area.

County Offices
Newland, Lincoln
Lincolnshire LN1 1YL
Telephone: 01522 552222
Fax: 01522 516137

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