The Savona Hotel

The Savona Hotel offers accommodations in Skegness, Lincolnshire. Customers have the option to get a bed, breakfast accommodation or a bed, breakfast and evening meal. All meals can be enjoyed by guests in The Savona Hotel’s well-decorated dining room, in their own tables. The Savona Hotel caters to guests with a wide variety of special diets upon request.

It offers single, family and double bedrooms. Guests who want to stay in The Savona Hotel can reserve by telephone, email or through the hotel’s online form in order to confirm availability and price. The Savona Hotel is located on Park Avenue, just to the north of the shopping centre. It is conveniently situated near the Suncastle, the northern bowling greens, beach and other amenities.

The Savona Hotel has ten bedrooms, of which seven are fully en-suite, one with private toilet and hand basin and two standard bedrooms. The hotel also has several family rooms. Guests will enjoy comfortable accommodations. Each bedroom has its own television and tea or coffee making facilities.

The Savona Hotel also features a bar and resident’s lounge. Guests can relax in these rooms in a comfortable environment before or after enjoying their delicious evening meal.

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