Boston May Fair 2018

The annual Boston May Fair event will take place from Saturday 5th May until Saturday 12th May.

Background of the Boston May Fair

The fair dates back to around 1125 and has been expanding ever since. Back then the fair would have been a market where merchants would travel from all over to showcase their produce. Nowadays it is best known for sweet treats and fun fair rides that the whole family can enjoy.

This event is one of the last few remaining street fairs in the UK, making it particularly special and is steeped in tradition. The mayor always opens the fair at noon from the balcony that overlooks the Market Place. The fair is also rated as one of the top 5 street fairs in the country. 

What time does it open?

In previous years the Boston May Fair has started at midday on the first day. Afterwards, the fair is open from 11am until 11pm every day, except for the Sunday when it is 1:30am until 9pm.

More details to come closer to the date.

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