Lincolnshire Home and Antique Fair

One of Europe’s largest home and antique fairs comes to the Lincolnshire Showground at the end of March.

Exhibitors from across the UK and Europe flock to the annual Lincolnshire Home and Antique Fair, which has now been running for almost 20 years.

There are thousands of stalls selling everything from fine antiques to bric a brac; vintage clothes to stained glass windows; garden ornaments to jewellery – and so much more. If you want to buy something old, then chances are that the Lincolnshire Home and Antique Fair will have it!

Such is the popularity of this event that the tv shows Bargain Hunt, Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Kirstie’s Homemade Home, have all been filmed here.

If you’re counting your pennies, then visit the Lincolnshire Home and Antique Fair – admission prices on that day are £5 per person. Admission prices for 31st March are £20 per person.

Dates For 2018

January 29th & 30th

April 2nd & 3rd

May 28th & 29th

July 30th & 31st

October 8th & 9th

December 3rd & 4th


Should you feel a little peckish, food and drink is available.

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