Lost Village Festival

Set in the Lincolnshire countryside, the Lost Village Festival is often seen as an other-worldly experience that is set within an abandoned woodland village, hence the name. Based on Nomadic tribes and clandestine cults, the Lost Village isn’t just host to great music as there is plenty to explore at the site.

Campers can arrive as of 2pm on Thursday 27th August and as of 9am on the Friday (28th), Saturday (29th) and Sunday (30th). Non-campers may enter the site as of 9am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The campsite will close at 12pm on Monday 30th August.

The live performances, music and entertainment will take place on 27th to 30th August 2020.

Advance Tickets

£180 + BF

£31.66 + FEES

There is also the Lake of Tranquility, which has the following features:

  • The spa which has lakeside hot tubs and a Finnish sauna
  • Yoga workshops to try out
  • Massages and therapies to help you relax

Lost Village prides itself on its incredible eating that includes food created by some of the UK’s most celebrated chefs such as Tommy Banks and Dan Cox. Choose to indulge in:

  • Tribal banquets that are in a secluded part of the village
  • The Eating House which features London eateries
  • The Dishoom, which serves Bombay comfort food
  • A selection of global street food that ranges from vegan wonders to slow cooked meats
  • The Patty & Bun stand which sells London’s finest burger
  • More vegan options than ever before

While you can camp if you want to, there is also the Boutique Sanctuary that is a private part of the Lost Village and has high quality accommodation, which comes with:

  • 24hr Concierge
  • Free private car park
  • Luxury toilets and showers
  • Hair and make up retreat
  • Cocktail bar
  • And lots more!
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