Scampton Airshow To Return In 2019

Organisers Announce Cancellation of 2018 Scampton Airshow

The first ever Scampton Airshow took place in 2017, and was hailed as a huge success at the time. The event itself took place on 9-10 September, and was supported by an array of different enterprises, sponsors and volunteers.

RAF personnel, volunteers and members of the RAF Charitable Trust Enterprises (RAFCTE) all came together to ensure the success of the inaugural event, which was attended by 50,000 guests from all over the region. The planning behind the event was significant, with huge numbers of stakeholders involved, and many paying visitors to impress!

During the event, more than 100 aircraft took flight, delighting attendees of all ages. The show included displays from the Red Arrows, and a special appearance from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. There were even aircraft from as far away as Canada!

The organisers were pleased to report that the inaugural event was a success, but unfortunately made the hard decision to postpone the second Scampton Airshow, cancelling the 2018 show.

This decision was made in order to allow organisers the time required to reflect on improvements which needed to be made to the show, in order to provide the public with a show-stopping, standout event in years to come.

Members of the public were, on the whole, surprised that the 2018 event had been cancelled, and disappointed not to be able to see a huge range of aircraft take to the skies in Scampton.

RAF Scampton is the home of the Red Arrows, so it makes sense that it should also host an impressive annual airshow. RAF Scampton has a special place in history, too, being the very place where Wing Cdr Guy Gibson commanded 617 Squadron during World War II. That very squadron was also known as the Dambusters! With the Royal Air Force celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, the 2018 airshow would have been a fantastic way to mark the occasion.

After the 2017 event, organisers revealed that the reason the 2018 event could not go ahead was primarily financial. Ticket prices proved more expensive than expected, and therefore ticket sales suffered. Organisers felt they needed to learn from this error, in order to create a more cost-effective show which could be accessible to a greater number of people.

Speaking to BBC News, Andy Armstrong, Scampton Airshow’s chief executive officer said: “Post-event there remains a lot to reflect on, and areas where we would like to improve.”

The public were disappointed with the decision, but on the whole supportive of the event, and pleased that organisers were taking the time to look into ways in which the airshow could be improved in future years.

Gainsborough MP, Edward Leigh, also expressed his sadness at the cancellation of the 2018 Scampton Airshow. Speaking to The Lincolnite, he said: “So, I am saddened to learn that there won’t be a Scampton Airshow in 2018. But I stand ready to assist where I can to support the RAF Charitable Trust’s ambition to hold an airshow the following year in 2019.”

It is hoped that improvements will be made in order for a 2019 show to go ahead, featuring all the iconic aircraft we know and love. Watch this space for news of Scampton Airshow 2019.

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