Scoot to the Waterfront

If you happen to own a scooter/moped then you are just in luck, because there is a great event taking place on the Brayford in the city of Lincoln. Scooter enthusiasts will arrive on the Waterfront for a day that will be to show off your rides, enjoy the custom shows, and some live music.

At the event you will find:

  • Dealer stalls
  • Live music
  • A rideout throughout the city
  • Prizes for the best scooters
  • Scooter memorabilia

 The event has been organised by the Lincoln Knights Scooter Club, in association with Lincoln BIG, who have a love of the classics- mainly Lambrettas and Vespas. 

There will be over 200 scooters there, so make sure you get there nice and early to snag the best spot. Join in with the rideout at 4pm, which will go from the Waterfront to the Cathedral Quarter and back again.

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